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72 Litre Rack Press with Screw (Silverton)
Silverton Area
72 Litre Rack Press with Screw (Silverton)

72 Litre Rack Press with ratcheted screw mechanism

    • The same type of press commonly used by commercial cider mills in a more manageable size. This press is suitable for a particularly large home operation, with a midsized orchard and plenty of trees, or even for a smaller commercial producer.
    • The press will take up to 40kg of milled apples and assuming you can press 3 times per hour will give a daily juice yield of up to 450 litres / 100 gallons (depending on fruit variety and ripeness).
  • Milled fruit is wrapped in weaved cloths and formed into ‘cheeses’ which are packed between the acacia racks. These are then pressed, with the press applying up to 12 tons of pressure. This method of juicing is especially efficient and can yield up to 75% juice by weight.

How to Use

  1. Crush or mill your apples. We recommend using an electric mill as the pomace will be the perfect consistency for pressing. It’s much quicker too!
  2. You will now need to make what is known as a ‘cheese’ using the acacia racks. To do this, place an acacia rack in the juice tray and the form on top of the rack. Line it with a cloth, fill with pomace and then fold the edges of the cloth over to make the first layer. You can now repeat this up to 6 times for the 6 racks supplied.
  3. Place the wooden pressure plate/bearing block on top of the cheese and line the screw up with the metal bearing.
  4. Now use the ratchet mechanism to lower the pressure plate. This will compress the cheese, allowing the juice to flow laterally, giving a quick and high yield.
  5. Don’t forget to place a sufficiently sized bucket under the spout in the juice tray to catch the juice! You will need 2 buckets with a minimum capacity of at least 27.5 litres to catch all of the juice.




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