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20L Basket Press (Dolton)
Dolton Area
20L Basket Press (Dolton)

A 20 litre fruit press constructed from solid cast iron

    • 18kg basket capacity, yielding up to 8 litres / 14 pints of juice per pressing (dependent on fruit variety and ripeness).
    • Built in ratchet mechanism for easier pressing.
    • Uncompromising build quality: Solid cast iron base and crossbeam, stainless steel tray and screw mechanism and solid beechwood cage and pressure plate.
  • An excellent, traditional fruit press that’s ideal for those with several productive apple trees or grapevines. It will produce a good quantity of juice quickly.

How to Use

Swing the hinged cross beam off the press. Line the press cage with a straining bag overlapping the side of the press.  If using Crusher A or the Economy Crusher to mill the apples, locate the crusher on top, mill the apples directly into the press until it is brimful, and remove the crusher.  

Fold the edges of the press bag to cover the pomace making a parcel.  Place the pressure plate and bearing block onto the crushed fruit within the press cage and swing the cross beam back into position lining the screw up with metal bearing.  Place the handle in the slot and use a ratchet mechanism to lower the pressure plate.  The juice will soon flow down through the press staves into the juice tray, ready for collection. Collect the juice in a food-grade bucket, ready for freezing, pasteurisation or irresistible instant drinking.

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